Technical troubles and moments I’m not proud of


Hello there friends and followers 🙂

My apologies for the delay in getting my first post up…I had written one the other day and after spending about 45 minutes on it, it was somehow lost due to a technical issue… needless to say after that I wasn’t in the mood for writing again.

We all have those moments we look back on and shudder a little bit and think maybe we could have acted a bit more mature, calm, collected. Maybe your new tablet deleted your blog post you spent 45 minutes writing and you curse and storm around a bit or maybe you miss a very important flight and have a melt down in the airport….

I left Canada the morning of Dec 16th, it was a snowy morning and traffic on the 401 was extra horrible. I had the entire drive which was really just a crawl to work up nerves, anxiety and fears about not making my flight. Upon arrival at the airport my fears were confirmed when I was told that I had indeed missed my 9am flight to Vancouver. Trying to keep it together while the check in agent looks for other flights for me while my head is filling with anxiety and thoughts like ‘this isn’t supposed to be how my trip starts off!’ and when the agent tells me the only flight with open seats that day won’t get me to Vancouver in time for my connection to Sydney I lost it right then and there. Full tears, sobs, the whole 9 yards. I ended up getting put on standby and was told I might have to do that the whole day before I make it out to Vancouver, but it turned out that I made it on the next flight after which was only an hour later than my original.

Hindsight is 20/20 and when our carefully laid plans are interrupted we’re faced with the choice to melt, fall apart and completely unravel or remain calm, reassess and adjust as necessary trusting that things will still somehow work out, because even though it doesn’t always look the way we had pictured, it always comes together in the end.

Love and best wishes from oz



One thought on “Technical troubles and moments I’m not proud of

  1. Hey Laura!! Glad to hear that you made it! I can’t believe your trip started off like that, but like you said – it all worked out and life’s all about happenings like that. The pics are great, you guys look really good and warm 🙂 keep the blogs coming, I love keeping up to date with how your doing!

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