Coastal Connections

This past weekend we did as many Australians do around the holidays and headed for the coast. The tiny town of Mollymook to be exact, just north of Ulladulla on the East coast. Thankfully, the crowds from Christmas and New Year had diminished a little but it was still busy enough that one supermarket we visited was sold out of chicken….. yes all the chicken. Proof of just how busy these little coastal towns get this time of year.

We did the obvious coastal activities: hit the beach, suntanned, swam in the surf, walked around town exploring little shops and even had a lunch of fresh fish caught by our hosts that very morning, but what struck me the most was how familiar this all felt. Ontario may not have ocean access but the way we all flock to our cottages and rentals on the lakes during the summer is much the same as they do here in oz. Even the congestion of traffic on the main highway from Canberra to the coast reminded me of the summer backlogs on Hwy. 400 each weekend.

The water might be a little prettier, the sand a little softer and the roads a little more winding but its clear that even over 15,000 km from home, everyone is just looking for some fun in the sun.



5 thoughts on “Coastal Connections

  1. Is that your lunch in one of the pictures?
    Delighted to be able to read about your trip, keep the posts coming.
    Are you missing the snow and ice yet?
    Love Jeanne and Bill

  2. Love that observation about the similarity of heading to the beach and heading to cottages in ON.
    Keep blogging!
    Auntie M

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