Happy Australia Day mates!


On this day I thought I would share with you some typical ‘aussie-isms’ that I hear quite regularly. Of course there are many more out there but here’s some that have worked their way into my own vernacular:

North American        Australian
Awesome                         Bonza
Toilet                                Dunny
Redneck                          Bogun
Giving a hard time         Taking the piss
Sausage                            Snag
Duvet                                Doona
Chicken                            Chook
Whining                           Winjing
Big bottle of beer            Long neck
Afternoon                        Arvo
Tank top                          Singlet
Jumper                            Sweater
Swim suit                        Cozzie
Cooler                              Esky
Ketchup                           Tomato sauce

That’s all for today mates,
Hope you have a bloody good day! 😉


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