Road Trip Countdown…

Only 8 days until we set out on our half Australia road trip!

The time has come where I’ll get to really do what I set out to when I came over here… explore this beautiful country!

To give you all an idea of our (tentative) route I’ve created some rough maps showing which way we’ll be heading, starting south from Canberra and heading towards Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tasmania.

trip map 1 trip map 2 trip map 3

Unfortunately due to time constraints we won’t get to explore the western part of the country but our time will be packed as it is with hiking, camping, swimming, surfing and A LOT of driving!

Time to say bye bye to the luxurious meals and comfy beds because we’ll be spending most of the time camping and cooking our own meals…I had better get creative or its going to be a lot of muesli and 2 minute noodles!

Ok that’s all for now, gotta get packing!

P.S. I’m in the works of writing a Melbourne post but I wanted to include lots of pics from the trip which take a while to upload so stay tuned for that in the next couple days 🙂



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