Get Me Out of Here

Consider this my first official complaint of the cold season:

The weather in Southern Ontario has turned cold…and damp…with no real hope of warmer weather coming back again until we’re on the other side of this season I like to call ‘the dark days’. Yes, unfortunately it’s only going to get colder from here on out and in case you can’t tell I’m not happy about it. Especially since I was able to opt out of winter last year…it’s been a while since I’ve been knee-deep in snow.

Not a cold weather fan. I don’t like winter sports or that ‘crisp winter air’ smell and I definitely don’t understand all you people who say you “just love winter”. To me, you’re all crazy.

Clearly you’re probably thinking I’m a pretty pathetic Canadian and I should have my citizenship revoked. Well there’s many reasons I should probably live somewhere else…somewhere warmer, but for just as many reasons this hasn’t happened.

So for now, I’ll watch my friends and family take amazing warm weather vacations to escape what’s surely going to be a long cold winter and I’ll scheme and plot what kind of escapes I can make happen for myself and when I get ‘seasonally depressed’ or irritated that I’m not on a beach somewhere I’ll just come here and rant. Feel free to join in and share your own frost-bitten frustrations 🙂

End of rant.



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