Adventure, exploration, experiences…

These themes have always followed me around even as a wee one. A famous story I’ve told many friends about is at a young age, overhearing my dad and Opa talk about what I heard as a story about being able to grab a cactus with bare hands and then promptly went to the yard in our house in Florida and ripped one out of the ground myself. It was exploration and it was definitely an experience.

Now I haven’t traveled the world round by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I started small. Trips here and there were usually within Canada or the United States, not very far but frequent. Including some lasting family memories of winter trips to Florida and summer adventures to wherever my dad felt like driving us.
Travel has always tugged at my subconscious, even while trying to focus on other endeavors like school and career. So after I got a bit older and the ‘family trips’ ended I started mapping my own course.
This blog is a place to share my experiences and hopefully inspire some others to give in to that wanderlust…even if it doesn’t seem practical because after all, “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.”



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